About Us

Chris and Maria are husband and wife duo at RawFusionStudio, LLC have a combined film experience of 25 years.

They like to think of themselves as the yin and yang of visual story telling. Creative yet technical, detailed but not stuck in the weeds, focused and passionate yet always having fun doing it. Working together they strive to create cinematic, story-driven video and photography.

"We love what we do. Coming from feature films and mulit-media, we crave the details and the story behind the obvious. Of course we cover the obvious, but we take special care that every shot gets a little extra TLC. We hope our enjoyment for what we do shows in our work, captures your day and makes you feel special."

-Chris & Maria-


Maria Bernal-Silva - A seasoned media professional seeking creative, innovative brand projects, Maria is at home within the ever-changing face of multimedia, a fit for several positions within the industry.

Since 2005, Maria Christine Bernal-Silva has creatively contributed to feature films, television, new media technology, video journalism, documentary and recently, the photography industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and a certificate in Digital Filmmaking.

When not traversing the globe for work, Maria can be found marathon movie watching, television series streaming, hiking, trail running, cooking, gardening, and playing with her kittens. She is a native San Franciscan who currently resides in Sunny San Diego.


Chris Chen - First and foremost he is a passionate professional in his trade. Having worked in video production for over seven years he understands what it takes to tell great stories while not taking himself too seriously. Chris has worked for clients that include Sony, Microsoft and Intel. Stopping short of calling himself a cliche, he loves to test out new technology especially when it comes to cameras.